Fast Tissue/Tail Genotyping Kits
Comprehensive kits meet your needs !
High-Speed Maxiprep Kit
Faster & Easier !
DNA Even Ladder
Even-Bands for Easy Quantitation !
HMW Blood DNA Isolation Kit
High MW, archive quality DNA !
Stabilized Blood RNA Isolation Kit
Reliable High Yield !
Prestained Protein MW Markers
Tri-Color Prestained Protein MW Markers !
Taq DNA Polymerases
Reliable and Robust !
Tissue/Cell RNA Miniprep Kit
Reliable High Yield !
Plasmid Miniprep Kit
Why Pay the Difference if You Can Not Tell the Difference !
Plastic Coated Freezer Boxes
Multi-Color Boxes !
EZ Deluxe Pipette Tips
Superior Quality tips !
15 ml & 50 ml Centrifuge Tubes
Quality Tubes, lower prices !
Cell Culture Chamber Slides
Quality Slides at Un-beatable Price !
Cell Culture Flasks
High Quality Flasks !
Cell Culture Dishess
High Quality Dishes !

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