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2X Taq Master Mix
2X Taq Red Master Mix
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2X Turbo Taq Red Master Mix
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Tissue/Tail DNA Isolation
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High MW Blood DNA Isolation
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Plasmid Maxiprep
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Serological Pipettes
Our serological pipettes have ascending & descending scales that ease reading of both distributed and remaining volume.
  • Crystal grade polystyrene
  • Exclusive color code, same colors as the international codes
  • Filter plug inserted
  • Providing quick & easy identification
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Non pyrogenic
  • Non cytotoxic






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C90001 Serological Pipette, 1 ml, Individually Wrapped, Sterile 500/case $88.00
C90005 Serological Pipette, 5 ml, Individually Wrapped, Sterile (400/case) 400/case $103.20
C90010 Serological Pipette, 10 ml, Individually Wrapped, Sterile (400/case) 400/case $112.80
C90025 Serological Pipette, 25 ml, Individually Wrapped, Sterile (200/case) 200/case $94.80

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