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»Tissue/Tail PCR Genotyping
»SV Tissue/Tail Genotyping
»Eco-Direct Tissue/Tail Genotyping
»Blood/Cell PCR Genotyping
»Zebrafish PCR Genotyping
»Tissue/Tail DNA + PCR Kit
»High MW Tail DNA + PCR Kit
»Taq DNA Polymerase
»Turbo Taq DNA Polymerase
»HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase
»HF Taq DNA Polymerase
»Long Taq DNA Polymerase
»2X Taq Master Mix
»2X Taq Red Master Mix
»2X Turbo Taq Master Mix
»2X Turbo Taq Red Master Mix
»dNTP Mix
»Tissue/Tail DNA Isolation
»Blood/Cells DNA Isolation
»High MW Tissue DNA Isolation
»High MW Blood DNA Isolation
»High MW Tail DNA Isolation
»High MW Cell DNA Isolation
»High MW Bacterial DNA Isolation
»Plasmid Miniprep
»High Speed Plasmid Maxiprep
»Plasmid Maxiprep
»PCR Clean-Up
»Gel Extraction
»Tissue/cell RNA Mini Kit
»Tissue/cell RNA Mini Plus Kit
»RNA Clean-Up
»RNA Clean-Up Plus DNase Kit
»EZ Blood Total RNA Isolation
»Stabilized Blood RNA Isolation
»EZ RNA Storage Solution
»EZ MicroElute-10 DNA Clean-Up Kit
»EZ MicroElute-25 DNA Clean-Up Kit
»EZ DNA MW Markers
»EZ Protein MW Markers
»Water and Reagents
»Agar Plates
»Pipette Tips
»PCR Tubes
»Microcentrifuge Tubes
»Centrifuge Tubes
»Culture Tubes
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»Inoculating Needles
»Petri Dishes
»Freezer Boxes
»Plastic Freezer Boxes
»Cryogenic Vials
»Cell Culture Plates
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»Cell Culture Chamber Slides
»Cell Culture Dishes
»Cell Scrapers and Lifters
»Serological Pipettes
»Cell Strainer
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Gene Expression DNA Microarray Service  
EZ BioResearch offers gene expression profiling service on Agilent gene expression DNA microarray platform. Agilent’s SurePrint Technology delivers the high quality and consistent arrays, which will give investigators higher confidence using microarray to study gene expression. more...

 Mouse Genotyping Service   
EZ BioResearch provides mouse genotyping service to researchers who use genetically modified mice. Send us mouse tails (or other tissues) and primers, we will perform PCR genotyping for you. Save your time and money! more...

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