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Tissue/Tail PCR Genotyping
SV Tissue/Tail Genotyping
Eco-Direct Tissue/Tail Genotyping
Blood/Cell PCR Genotyping
Zebrafish PCR Genotyping
Tissue/Tail DNA + PCR Kit
High MW Tail DNA + PCR Kit
Taq DNA Polymerase
Turbo Taq DNA Polymerase
HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase
HF Taq DNA Polymerase
Long Taq DNA Polymerase
2X Taq Master Mix
2X Taq Red Master Mix
2X Turbo Taq Master Mix
2X Turbo Taq Red Master Mix
dNTP Mix
Tissue/Tail DNA Isolation
Blood/Cells DNA Isolation
High MW Tissue DNA Isolation
High MW Blood DNA Isolation
High MW Tail DNA Isolation
High MW Cell DNA Isolation
High MW Bacterial DNA Isolation
Plasmid Miniprep
High Speed Plasmid Maxiprep
Plasmid Maxiprep
PCR Clean-Up
Gel Extraction
Tissue/cell RNA Mini Kit
Tissue/cell RNA Mini Plus Kit
RNA Clean-Up
RNA Clean-Up Plus DNase Kit
EZ Blood Total RNA Isolation
Stabilized Blood RNA Isolation
EZ RNA Storage Solution
EZ MicroElute-10 DNA Clean-Up Kit
EZ MicroElute-25 DNA Clean-Up Kit
EZ DNA MW Markers
EZ Protein MW Markers
Water and Reagents
Agar Plates
Pipette Tips
PCR Tubes
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Centrifuge Tubes
Culture Tubes
T-shape Spreaders
Inoculating Needles
Petri Dishes
Freezer Boxes
Plastic Freezer Boxes
Cryogenic Vials
Cell Culture Plates
Cell Culture Flasks
Cell Culture Chamber Slides
Cell Culture Dishes
Cell Scrapers and Lifters
Serological Pipettes
Cell Strainer
Science Kits


EZ BioResearch is an innovation-driven biotech company which focuses on developing, manufacturing and distributing advanced molecular biology tool kits and high quality laboratory consumable products.
Our missions are 1) to develop advanced easy-to-use molecular biology kits through innovation and 2) to provide high quality research products at affordable prices.
We subscribe to the notion that innovation is the most important key to advance science and technology. We have developed a series of novel easy-to-use molecular biology kits. Some of these new products (Fast PCR Genotyping Kits, High Speed Plasmid Maxiprep Kit  and Quantitative DNA Even Ladders) have unique features and superior quality which are unmatched by any similar products on the market. 
We also believe that the core value of our service is to make advanced molecular biology products and high quality laboratory consumables affordable.  In face of current economic downturn and ever tightening of research funding, more and more laboratories make conscious efforts to choose high quality products without huge cost. Our competitive product prices allow customers save up to 50% of the budget on molecular biology kits and high quality laboratory consumables (Genomic DNA Isolation Kits, Plasmid Minipreps, Centrifuge Tubes, Petri Dishes and Freezer Boxes). Exceptional values on high quality products are made possible through our innovation, volume purchasing programs and highly efficient delivery channels.
EZ BioResearch is headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, USA. The company operates in two divisions, Research & Development division and Product & Marketing division. Our research division is mainly composed of Ph.D. scientists trained in the life sciences with years of hands-on experiences in research and development. Our product division has manufactured  high quality  molucular biology kits and reagents and assembled a portfolio of high quality laboratory consumables through partnerships with a number of domestic and foreign suppliers.
EZ BioResearch is proud to be your partner in research and committed to deliver the most innovative products with the highest quality. We continuelly improve and expand our product porfolio to include the best products in the market. We have established a comprehensive quality assurance program to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers. We guarantee that the products that we offer are the best possible quality for the price. 


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