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EZ Blood/Cell DNA Isolation Kit
EZ Blood/Cell DNA Isolation Kit is designed for isolating genomic DNA from whole blood or cells. The kit is based on selective binding of DNA to silica membrane in the presence of chaotropic salts. Blood or cell lysate is prepared by digesting cells with Proteinase K in a specially formulated lysis/binding buffer that allows protein denaturation. RNA is removed by RNase digestion. The lysate is then mixed with ethanol and applied to the silica membrane-based spin column. Impurities are removed by washing steps. Genomic DNA is eluted in low salt elution buffer. The purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, southern blotting and other molecular biology applications. 
Features and Benefits
DNA Purity:
DNA Size Range:

DNA Yield:

Spin Column Binding Capacity:

Elution Volume:

Typical O.D 260/280 =1.8, free of RNA
>20 kb
5-15 g
50 g DNA
200 l
PCR-ready high quality DNA purified using EZ Blood/Cell DNA Isolation Kit 
A                                                                                                       B
    M       1        2       3        4        5        6                    M      1       2        
A. Genomic DNA was purified from blood (lanes 1-4) and cells (lanes 5-6) using EZ Blood/Cell DNA Isolation Kit and analyzed on 1% agarose gel. M: Lambda-HindIII Ladder. B. PCR amplification was performed on DNA isolated from blood. Lane 1: 498 bp amplicon from AP2 gene. Lane 2: 881 bp amplicon from MVP gene. M: 100 bp ladder.
Kit Components




Lysis/Binding Buffer

13 ml

55 ml

Wash Buffer I

15 ml

62.5 ml

Wash Buffer II

9 ml

37.5 ml

Elution Buffer

25 ml

110 ml

Proteinase K

1 ml

5 ml


1 ml

5 ml

Spin Column Units



Sample Collection Tubes



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