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Cell Strainers

Cell Strainers from EZ BioResearch are ideal for obtaining uniform single cell suspension from various sources. Cell strainers are made from nylon with three different pore sizes: 40 uM, 70 uM and 100 uM. 
  • Strong nylon mesh and evenly spaced mesh pores for optimal and consistent performance
  • Polypropylene frame with a molded tab for easy handling
  • Individually packaged with gamma radiation sterilization
  • Different color for easy sample organization
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CS-0040-50 40 uM Cell Strainer, individually wrapped, sterile 50/case $119.90
CS-0070-50 70 uM Cell Strainer, individually wrapped, sterile 50/case $119.90
CS-0100-50 100 uM Cell Strainer, individually wrapped, sterile 50/case $119.90

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