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200 bp DNA Even Ladder
200 bp DNA Even Ladder
200 bp Even Ladder is uniquely designed for fast DNA sizing and quantification on gels. The 200 bp Even Ladder consists of 10 double strand DNA fragments with sizes of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 and 2000 bp. Each of the DNA fragments in the 200 bp Even Ladder has an equal amount of DNA (50 ng per band) with the exception that  1000 bp fragment is provided twice as much of the other fragments (100 ng) to serves as a reference indicator.  No more frustration and time wasting on figuring out the concentrations of each DNA fragments in DNA ladders!  200 bp Even Ladder allows users to estimate the concentrations of DNA fragments on gel faster and easier. 200 bp Even Ladder is supplied in ready to use format.
Features and Benefits
Recommended loading volume:
Number of DNA fragments:
Size range:
Concentration of DNA fragments:
Package size:
2.5-5 l/lane
200-2000 bp
50 ng/5 l loading*
100-200 loads
110 g/ml
*With the exception that the concentration of 5,000 bp is 100 ng/5 l loading for easy reference.
Six months at 4C. For longer periods, store at -20C.

L1002 200 bp DNA Even Ladder 100-200 loads

Feature: L1002
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