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Home > SERVICES > DNA Microarray Service

DNA Microarray Service

EZ BioResearch offers gene expression profiling service on  Agilent gene expression DNA microarray platform. Agilent’s SurePrint Technology delivers the high quality and consistent arrays, which will give investigators higher confidence using microarray to study gene expression. Please click  here to get more information on Agilent arrays.


Features of our services include:

Consultation and assistance with experimental design
Our experienced scientists can help you to design your array experiments that will allow you get the most biological information from your data.  

RNA quality control

RNA integrity check using Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100. 

Target labeling

Generation and purification of Cy3 or Cy5 labeled cRNA from customer provided RNA.  

Array Hybridization, washing and processing

Labeled cRNA will be hybridized to the Agilent DNA microarrays. After hybridization, arrays will be washed and processed for scanning. 

Array image scanning and feature extraction

Array image will be scanned and features will be extracted with GenePix Pro software. 

Data QC and normalization

Array data will be examined to ensure we deliver high quality data to you. The data is also normalized.  

Assistance with array data analysis

We provide support for both preliminary and advanced data analysis. Please contact us for more information.

Fees for Agilent DNA microarray service
  • Agilent gene expression DNA microarrays: Inquire*
  • RNA quality analysis: $5/sample (minimum 10 samples)
  • Total cost for processing including labeling, hyb, scan and data extraction (excluding array cost)

# of arrays

(two samples)

4 to 8 arrays


8 to 16 arrays


More than 16 arrays


*: Beside gene expression microarrays, services on other Agilent arrays such as miRNA arrays, splice arrays are also available. Contact us for more information.
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